Hello and welcome to PaisaToBanega Options School

This school is established by the founders of PaisaToBanega – Chetan Mirani and Bhavesh Bhavsar. We are residing in Ahmedabad, Gujarat – a place where “Business” is the first word babies learn!

We are sure that if you are visiting this website for Options Trading then you will have lots of queries. We have designed few questions and answers which will help you understand about PaisaToBanega Options School. If you are someone who does not like to read and are a bit lazy then you can watch this video.

Who are we?

We are two best friends and best business partners from Ahmedabad. Our names are Chetan Mirani and Bhavesh Bhavsar. Our passion for stock market, business and coaching brought us together. We have few values which we never compromise and we say NO to many good things.

What is PaisaToBanega?

Paisa To Banega is an initiative which we took in mid 2018 in India. We wanted to address few major challenges which traders face. We came online on YouTube and focused on Intraday Trading. We hate tips and short cuts. We have shared some of the best risk management, loss management and money management methods which were not available earlier to Indian traders. Few major things which we have experienced in this journey are:

  1. More than 30,000 People have subscribed to our YouTube Channel
  2. More than 1 crore minutes of our videos have been watched
  3. More than 3000 traders joined in our official programs
  4. Entered into the collaboration with Upstox
  5. Introduced Counter Trading method – Major loss management system
  6. We have established Paisa To Banega Intraday School
What is our aim?

Our aim is to make people capable. We love coaching and mentoring. We love to pass on what we have learned. It is so amazing and beautiful to see someone made a progress in their life because of you. Nothing makes us happy when we get a message or a feedback that they were able to progress and move one step ahead in life because of us.

Why we established PaisaToBanega Options School?

Options Trading is very different; however, it has a great potential to make income and wealth. On the basis of our experience with thousands of traders, we have identified following major challenges for Indian Options Market:

  1. Most of the traders do not have strong fundamental knowledge of options
  2. Traders who have basic knowledge do not have right strategies
  3. Traders who have right strategies do not know setups and adjustments
  4. Traders lose big money because of knowledge gap
  5. Traders lose big money due to tips and services
  6. Traders run away due to technical terms in Options Trading
  7. Most of the traders do not have time or they are doing job or occupied in profession
  8. Traders do not have right mentor or coach

We wanted to address these unattended challenges. We thought of establishing Options School to give serious, dedicated and practical solutions of these challenges.

How PaisaToBanega Options School will work?

We will operate the school online – through website and youtube. We do have a vision to establish a stock market academy in India but it will take some time. Right now education, knowledge, courses, guidance and coaching will be provided through videos, email and Whatsapp.

Who can join PaisaToBanega Options School?

Anyone can join Paisa To Banega Options School. We designed this school so it does not restrict anyone regardless of their knowledge, status and availability. If you have zero knowledge or if you are a professional or if you have made loss or if you are a student or if you are a housewife – anyone can join this school.

Is Options Trading Complex?

If you find something complex this means you do not have a right teacher. Even History and Economics are interesting and fun. It is just that we lack right teachers who do not create curiosity for a specific subject. Options are not complex. It is fun and it is very interesting. Do not worry at all.

What if I do not have much time?

You can learn at anytime and from anywhere based on your availability. We have designed solutions and courses wherein you just need to watch videos. Where you have doubts connect with us via email and Whatsapp.

How much money I can make from Options Trading?

Traders either target for regular income or they target for wealth when it comes to Options Trading. There are traders who follow both the targets. Options trading is the best tool to generate income and wealth. This is because it is possible to manage your risk and your loss very smartly and very creatively in Options Trading. We always say that if you are smart to manage your risk and your loss then you can make money from trading. Options trading give traders ways which are not possible in Cash and Future markets.

Traders can get 2% to 5% monthly returns which looks less to us as we are surrounded with many rumours on social media, youtube channels etc about very high returns from options trading. Think about compounding. If you compound your earnings and profits, you will create tremendous wealth for yourself and your family.

Without any doubt Options Trading is the way for regular income and wealth. You can read in detail about how you can target income and wealth in Options Trading.

How PaisaToBanega Options School will teach?

We have created three ways to help traders become master in Options Trading:

  1. Extremely Basic Videos and Timely updates via YouTube Channel
  2. Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 for those who want to make income or wealth from Options
What is PaisaToBanega Options Master Course?

We believe that if you want to make income or wealth from Options then you should take it as a journey. To make your journey easy, we have designed three levels.

So let us take you further by guiding you through the arrangement we have made in options school.

You can first understand the Course then you can explore the Course Levels then you can also go through our YouTube Channel. You can also read the success stories and feedbacks from other traders to whom we coached and helped out. You can contact us if you have any queries.

We wish you all the best and we wish you lots of happiness!


Chetan Mirani and Bhavesh Bhavsar
Founders @ Paisa To Banega


Paisa To Banega Options School – Master Course in Options Trading

We have designed a Master Course for Options Trading. We put lots of effort to design this course. We have understood the challenges faced by beginners. We have understood the challenges for first time options traders. We have understood the challenges faced by experienced traders. We then designed this course by making sure that in your journey as a trader you learn and grow without facing blind losses and without facing trading pain.

We have created 3 levels for this course so that you can experience your learning and your progress as a journey.

Let us now introduce you the 3 levels of the Master Course in Options Trading.

Level 1

Solid and Simple Free Video Course for Beginners in Options Trading

Course fee: Free

Level 2

Strategy Implementation, Setups and Adjustments

Course fee: Rs 5000

Level 3

Receive guidance & support through email and WhatsApp.

Fee: Free


Paisa To Banega Options School – Levels of Options Trading

Level 1 - Solid and Simple Free Video Course for Beginners in Options Trading

In Level 1 – You can first make your foundation knowledge strong about Options Trading. Many traders believe that they know basics but they are wrong. Many traders right away jump into strategies. We recommend that first you make basics strong. We have designed a simple and solid video course for this. It is completely free.

Once you complete the course, then we recommend giving a simple test. You can just WhatsApp us or email us to give the test. Test will be online and objective. This will help you to check your foundation knowledge.


Level 2 - Strategy Implementation, Setups and Adjustments

You will find many strategies on internet; however, you will be needing solid profitable strategies for stocks, NIFTY and BANKNIFTY if you are targeting to make income or wealth out of options trading. Further you need to understand setups of these strategies and most importantly adjustments which you need to make in your trades. We have designed specific strategies, setup and adjustments for Stocks, NIFTY and BANK NIFTY.


Level 3 - Receive guidance & support through email and WhatsApp

Many traders do not realize but they need guidance and support. It is easy to believe that once we know the basics and once we know the strategies then we can do anything. In order to make income or wealth from your options trading you need guidance because you will be making mistakes because decisions need to be checked and because stock market is a place where there is no end point for learning.

As soon as you enter into Level 2 – we will activate Level 3. You will be provided support and guidance through WhatsApp and email.

Income & Wealth

Paisa To Banega Options School – Income & Wealth through Options Trading

Is that possible to earn income from Options Trading?

This is a most popular question from the options traders or people who are exploring the world of options. The short and honest answer is – yes it is possible to earn income from Options Trading provided your foundation of the options is strong, you know serious strategies and you know the trade adjustments.

We have many traders who are successfully making income from Options Trading. Right knowledge, right expectation and right resources can help you to make income. However; wrong expectations, incomplete knowledge and wrong resources will put you and your money at risk.

Consider Options Trading as pure business and you would be on the right track.

You can read and explore success stories of few traders who are making income from Options Trading. These stories will give you great insights.

Success Stories – Regular Income from Options Trading

Is that possible to make wealth from Options Trading?

This is the second most popular question from the options traders. Again the short and honest answer is – yes; however, if you are going to make wealth from Options Trading then you will have to approach Options Trading with smart capital and right strategies. Your game is different than those who are targeting regular income.

Wealth can be made from options when you know how to grab great opportunities by managing risk and loss. We have seen that many traders do not invest time in learning about loss management, risk management and hedging. Speculation, get rich quick and mind full of opinions are major reasons why some traders cannot make wealth from Options trading.

Market provides many wealth making opportunities and we do have traders who are making wealth from Options Market. We do have interesting stories about how they sometime even made big wealth in one day or in one week or in one month.

You can read and explore success stories of few traders who are making wealth from Options Trading. These stories will give you great insights.

Success Stories – Wealth from Options Trading

How much return I can expect from Options Trading?

Honestly return depends on the trader. Most importantly it depends on discipline, thought process, risk management and strategies. When you have right combination then you can expect return which is even not possible in regular smart businesses.

Volatility, fluctuations, news, results and events should be your friends to make high returns from Options Trading. You can target to make more than 25% annual return from Options Trading.

We do have few traders who are making more than 25% annual return.

Traders can get 2% to 5% monthly returns which looks less to us as we are surrounded with many rumours on social media, youtube channels etc about very high returns from options trading. Think about compounding. If you compound your earnings and profits, you will create tremendous wealth for yourself and your family.

You can read and explore their stories. These stories will give you great insights.

Success Stories – Wealth from Options Trading

Open Demat Account In Collaboration With PaisaToBanega

In Options Trading, brokerage cost should be very low. Brokerage saved is PROFIT for you. Open an account in discount broker with very minimum brokerage cost.

Youtube Videos

We have also created a separate series just for options trading in YouTube. This will help you to learn basics as well as timely updates regarding options trading.

We recommend keeping in touch with Paisa To Banega Options School YouTube series through below image link:

We have trained thousands of traders even before we started our YouTube channel. We believe through Paisa To Banega Options School, we will be able to solve the major challenges of Options trading in India and you are invited to become a part of this very interesting journey.

Success Stories

Paisa To Banega Options School – Success stories of traders

Mahesh Thakkar from Mumbai - From Beginner to Professional

Mahesh resides with his family in Mumbai. He is a web developer and self employed. We reached out to Mahesh to share his experience in Options Trading and how he has managed to do well.

Thank you Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir for reaching out to me. I am very glad to know that you have taken a nice initiative in options trading by launching Paisa To Banega Options School. I am more than happy to share my feedback and my experience.

If I recall correctly then I met Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir back in late 2016. I ususally travel to Ahmedabad as I am a self employed website developer. I got the reference from one of my friends from facebook about Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir. I messaged them via Facebook but there was no reply. However when I reached to Ahmedabad I got a reply in afternoon and I right away decided to meet them in evening.

I met Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir at their home. They welcomed me like their own family member and I still remember all the talks we had from stock market to business to politics and so on. Their simplicity and knowledge are awesome. I could just talk with them for hours.

At that time I was already doing Intraday Trading and I wanted to jump into Options Trading. Just like all other traders I had the same motive. I wanted to make more money and options trading sounded the best way. However; my thought process was corrected by Bhavesh Sir and Chetan Sir.

I remember they kept on asking me many questions until I realize that I first need to clear my mind and decide what I want from Options Trading. I also realized that how Options Trading is different from Cash and Futures Trading.

Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir gave me the roadmap which I should follow and we decided that first I had to make my foundation strong before jumping into the trades. I left Ahmedabad with many great insights and started following the roadmap given by Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir.

I first tried to build my foundation very strong and started understanding about Options Market. I remember that I used to email Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir every other day for doubts. I always got amazing insights from them and in many cases they would guide me with examples. I still remember some of the stories shared by Chetan Sir just to make things easy and simple.

I then started taking small trades and tried to explore reality of Options Trading. I was so amazed about the possibilites in Options Market to manage risk. I am naturally very agressive and hence I started to focus on strategies which are focused on directional movements and strategies which are focused on volatility.

What I have realized while doing Options Trading is that you must have a coach. Every now and then you will need someone who can guide you correctly. I used to stuck in positions and I recall how Bhavesh Sir used to guide me. It was a pure practical learning experience.

Over the time, I got exposed to many trades and I adopted few strategies to make profit. I learned some of the very nice and meaninful strategies from Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir. I believe it would have took me more than 3-4 years to come up with nice strategies so I am grateful that I had an access to serious strategies as soon as I built my foundation knowledge and I took many trades. I am mainly trading in NIFTY and BANK NIFTY. I also developed my own strategies and I got few really solid strategies from Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir. I have also modified few strategies based on my style and based on my needs. I believe each trader does this as he or she move forward.

It took me about 8 months to start making nice money from Options Trading. I consider this is one of the best investments of my life. I know everyone has a different learning curve. It depends on many things. I was able to meet many of my financial goals through Options Trading.

I am now on my way to plan full retirement life before I reach to 40. This has became possible as I met genuine teachers like Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir. I learned many things from them apart from just about stock market.

I highly recommend Paisa To Banega Options School to anyone who want to jump into Options Trading. Your dedication and willingness will also matter as options trading requires that you make money from the market based on your own rules. I learned that in Intraday Trading in Cash market you can have excuses but in Options Trading there are no excuses.

I wish Paisa To Banega and the fellow traders all the best.

Mrs Snehal Agarwal from Delhi - From Profit to Wealth

Mrs Agarwal resides in New Delhi with her Husband and 2 children. They both are working in financial sector. They are active in stock market from a very long time and have successfully made investments.

It is indeed a nice gesture from both Chetan and Bhavesh to invite me to share my experience. I encourage their new initiative of Paisa To Banega Options School and I am sure that this will bring healthy knowledge to all applicants. Let me take this opportunity to share my journey with everyone.

My husband has always been involved in stock market. I started taking interest when I saw my husband making nice profit from intraday trading. I learned many things from my husband and then I also started trading. My journey was like a roller coaster compared to my husband; however, I managed to make nice profits from intraday trading. I remember that my and my husband used to watch many videos on youtube and we also joined many facebook groups.

We both have an excellent jobs here in Delhi; however, we are passionate about investment and trading. One of our mutual friends recommeneded us to try Options Trading. It was then we started exploring Options. We watched many videos, we read many articles and started to venture into Options; however, every now and then we would get stuck somewhere. We realized that we were not only losing money but in many cases we were losing time and energy.

We tried to attend seminars, courses and even subscribed to strategies from many service providers; however, we had a hard time to consider Options Trading as a tool for us to make money. We slowly started to give up and especially I started to give up.

After a while we used to focus more on Cash Intraday, Futures and Commodity trading and we were doing options trading once in a while.

During winter, my husband attended one seminar in Chennai and he met a couple who recommended us Chetan and Bhavesh. They said if you are really looking for serious learning then you can meet these guys.

My husband then had series of email conversation Chetan and that motivated my husband to setup a meeting with Chetan and Bhavesh. There were many important insights which we were not able to witness anywhere else. After having met with them I was so susprised that Chetan and Bhavesh did not have any online presence and yet they are so humble to share knowledge and welcoming for meetups. I guess word of mouth is enough for them.

We scheduled a meeting for one hour but that meeting was lasted for 4 hours. We learned so many things in these 4 hours which we did not learn in last 2 years. They both are very simple and yet humble human beings who do not hesitate when it comes to sharing.

We regularly keep in touch with them via email and we implemented the strategies we learned from them. My husband had a very smooth profit curve afer that. Me and my husband prefer neutral strategies and here in many cases we were facing problems. Most traders do not realize but trade adjustments is something you have to learn to make sure you can make wealth from options.

Bhavesh has helped us greatly when it comes to different trade adjustments. I remember sending him so many emails of our trades. Chetan has helped us to define our map of wealth and how to move towards it by compounding our returns. We have achieved more than 50% of our objective and we are sure that soon we will achieve 75%.

What we learned is in order to make wealth from any given source you need a mindset which helps you to make wealth. You need to understand where you need help. You need to let go your ego and allow your coach to help you. We knew that we lack in terms of trade adjustments and that's where we got coached. We knew we need a sound blueprint of wealth and that's where we tried to understand how to go there.

We will always be in debt to Chetan and Bhavesh for their time, for their efforts and for their guidance. We find really few people from whom we can learn. We made promise to Chetan and Bhavesh that we will also offer help to them to train and guide new traders once we say goodbye to our professional careers. We have yet to complete our journey.

We recommend fellow traders who aim to wealth that please start to look for help, start to look for guidance, and start to work on the things where you need to improve. Most importantly start to slowly move towards your wealth goal and keep a track of it. This will help you a lot.

Parth Shah from Surat - From Big Loss to "Premium Eater"

Mr Shah has an embroidery business in Surat. He is a second generation entrepreneur in his family. He owns and operate 3 facotories. He lost very big amount in Options trading and then found a way to recover the loss and then towards profit.

When Chetan Sir told me that they are opening an online options school, I told them you should open a school with physical presence in India as real knowledge is necessary and Paisa To Banega School will train people for real life. I am looking forward to see a school in Surat at least.

I do not know where to start but it was around 10:30 in night when I first time called Chetan sir. I got his number from one of my friends. He said they will not provide you any tips but just talk with them. They are really nice. So I told my friend if they are not providing any tips then how I am going to make money and I will recover loss. This was the worst stage of my life. My total loss was around more than 10 lakhs.

My father worked hard to establish businesses in Surat. I also followed them and worked hard to expand the business. We do have investments in business, real estate and stock market. I started making great money from trading. I think my extremely bad decision is to have a fake opinion about myself and trusting the company which offered me services. I am good in calculations and I am good in trading. I wanted to go to next level and hence I opted a service from one company.

Initially, I tried with around 2 lakhs of capital and results were awesome. I was paying big money to this company. With the result I doubled my investment and I even tripped my investment with them in 6 months. I never knew what is coming for me. I made huge profits. I planned many things. I discussed with my father. I even plan for business exapansion and everything. As a human being, we never consider ourselves wrong and think of worst case situations.

In next 2 months, I made 2 big losses and it has taken off my 50% profit. Then I made few profits here and there. I again made loss and I was only 25% up from where I started. I subscribed to more services to this company and they assured me to recover and make more profits. I put more capital and I lost big. Then I had hard time to sleep, hard time to focus on business and hard time to trade.

I doubt that the services which I was getting from the company had some hidden intentions as I then got feedbacks from many such traders. May be they are working with stock market operators. May be they are working with few promoters but I got sense that their main business is not tips because most of the traders which I met faced such losses. I then stopped my payments to them, I kept getting calls but then I stopped even picking up the calls.

I made huge loss and I wanted to recover it. I was so angry at myself and I was looking for the options; however, I was not finding anything sensible. I had hard time to trust other people.

It was this time when I was having a discussion with one of my friend. He gave me reference of Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir; however, I thought if they are not providing any tips then how I am supposed to make profit. I was in too much tension and I decided to call. It was around 10.30 in night and I called Chetan Sir.

He picked up the call and I briefly mentioned that I need big help and I have faced too much loss. He talked very calmly. He asked me how much I lost since when I am trading, what I am doing right now and what I have thought about future. At that time, I was simply not sure about plans. He then asked me to call other day in evening.

I did not expect anything from this call. For me it was nothing. I almost forget the other day in evening as I was with my family outside. I then got his call and he said if it is possible for me to come to Ahmedabad. I said I will think about it and let him know.

I then searched online for many things but I never found anyone or anything which made sense to me. After few days, I got very curious as to why I was asked to come to Ahmedabad. So I again called and tried to know. It was this conversation which made me believe that there is something here and I must go to Ahmedabad.

Chetan sir told me that each week he gets messages and emails about big losses and he does not believe in tips. Instead he prefers to talk, meet, understand the trader on other hand then figure out a way to find solutions. He said just come Ahmedabad, let's have dinner together and we will just talk.

I decided to visit Ahmedabad and I scheduled a date in next 15 days. I met both Bhavesh Sir and Chetan Sir. We had a dinner outside and we parked our cars nearby a nice highway restaurant. Then Chetan Sir told me - so tell us your story, I want to listen everything.

My heart was full of all the emotions, all the different things and I talk about like for 2 hours. They probe many questions during our discussion. We laughed a lot, we discussed a lot and then they recommended me few things.

They requested me stop trading completely. Spend nice time with family. Plan small outing and make my mind completely relax. They asked me to accept the losses. Do not fight with losses and mistakes. Accept it completely. I remember a specific statement "You made loss. It is your baby. Accept it with smile". They told me that we will again meet after 1 month.

I do not know why but even without any discussion about stock market, future plans or anything I felt nice and I stopped trading for next 1 month. I tried to remain relax. To be honest, I was so exhaused in last few months that many times I did not sleep. I was in touch with Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir and they would ask me if I am trading and I would say no.

After one and half month, I again met Bhavesh Sir and Chetan Sir. This time I was much relaxed and looking forward to find solutions. They shared me that I have good capital, I have risk capabilities, I have good hands on trading and I am good in calculation. They told me that I am majorly lacking in risk management. He told me that I am trading like a good opening batsman without any protection. I am good in hitting 4s and 6s but I need protection from injury too.

It was this time when they recommended Options Trading. They shared that if a trader is good in cash market, if he is good in terms of calculation and if he has a good smart capital then Options Trading is the best way to manage risk and make profit.

Over the next 2 hours they shared many practical things about Options Trading and gave lots of examples. I first time understood the Options market and amazing ways to manage the risk. I never knew that you can hedge as much as possible and you can plan out the trades the way you want.

They recommended me to go through few things to learn about Options Trading. I really liked how you can have the strategies which limit your profit, strategies which limit your loss, strategies which limit your profit and loss both. Options trading was the most beautiful subject I have ever learned.

I then started taking trades and followed the plan. My favorite is Bank Nifty and I am a fan of both directional and non directional strategies. Not only I learned many things, I started making profits. In Options trading, you can pre-define the risk and then jump. Of course, you have to manage your positions in real time but you know where you are in terms of risk and where you are in terms of reward.

I then started to apply serious strategies and started making profit which was around 3% per month. I recovered 75% of my losses and I took many big trades where I felt comfortable. I am mostly a seller than a buyer in otions market. I believe due to my business background I like to earn.

I am a premium eater. So it makes me smile and I naturally start to think about the ways to explore strategies which helps to earn premium. My agressive side of trading has helped me to become good as an option writer and I was able to manage the risk through my learnings from Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir. They now always call me "Premium Eater".

I met them many times, I emailed them many times and I am always grateful to them. I learned many business lessions during my journey. I implemented so many things in our businesses and I was able to expand our business too.

Apart from trading, I also learned how important it is to take care of your employees, how important it is to become a coach for your workers and staff. It is easy to become boss and it is hard to become a mentor. My staff told me that in last one year I changed a lot. I was able to close many deals in our business.

I recommend everyone not to reply on tips or service providers. Do not give up if you are facing loss or going through a worst situation. You will find a way. Try to find someone who can guide you towards the right track. Try to focus on solutions.

I wish Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir well. God bless them. I know people will learn lot from options school.

Dhaval Tripathi from Ahmedabad - From minus 50% to 5% each month

Dhaval has completed graduation and now doing his masters. He started trading at an early age. He has traded and invested crypto currency too. He has often seen his trading account to up and then reduced by 40% to 60%. He used to get into this zone but now making 4%-5% each month from Options Trading.

When I got an email from Paisa To Banega that Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir has started an options school then I thought that this will be the end of all those fake gurus and teachers who are looting too much from innocent traders. This is the most needed step in Indian market.

Trading is my passion. It keeps me alive. I am active in stock market, forex, and commodity. I have started trading at a very early age. Just like Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir, I also faced many problems as it is hard to find someone you can trust and someone who is interested in your progress.

I think I have paid for many courses and many strategies which I found on youtube or through Google search. Some of them have worked but most of them did not. I came across Paisa To Banega channel and it right away caught my attention. I am an active member of Intraday Master Program and I learned so many things from it. It has improved my thinking for risk management.

I then approach Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir for options. They shared with me that they are too much occupied with lots of work and it is becoming hard for them to provide coaching. I suggested them that they should start online coaching and online courses as it is simply not possible to offer coaching face to face and many people can not always to Ahmedabad or any other city.

With Paisa To Banega Options School - serious traders will have smooth time to learn and make progress. I have always suggested both Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir to open online school. I am happy that they finally did.

I joined Intraday Master Program in very early stage and I then requested to coach me for Options. I was fine with via email. I had the experience in almost all trading segments and markets; however, in Options trading I was unable to find ways to make persistent profit. I always see my account getting half and then I have to work hard to get back.

I started to share my trades with Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir and we started having discussions from time to time. I have to say that there were many flaws in my trading, the positions which I was taking and the strategies which I was following. I had to go through a learning curve to make myself capable for profits. I got the exact guidance and coaching which I needed from Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir.

One of the most important aspects in Options Trading is to have right strategies and art to implement those strategies. Just having the strategies will not help you to make profit. You must know when to apply it, how to apply it and how to modify it. I paid for many strategies but they do not help in real market.

Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir have lots of patience. I sometime ask how it is possible for them to have such patience and calm mind. I am still learning from them. I have managed to find ways to protect my profit. I have managed to find my ways to reduce my loss. I have managed to find ways to grab big trades and big profits.

I am now easily making 4%-5% each month. I am diversing my profits for my big passion - crypto investment. I even applied learnings from Options Trading to other markets. It has changed the way I am seeing risk, loss and profit. It has certainly changed my way of thinking in any given market.

I hope that Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir will also start Intraday School, Crypto School and Commodity School too. There are lots of trades who lose money even though they have potential to make money. I wish everyone all the best and big thank you to Paisa To Banega.


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